John Hollingdale giving, with a local focus

John Hollingdale, pictured above right, was an early beneficiary of philanthropy himself, so you can see why he wants to give something back to his home town.  As a child John benefitted from a free boarding scholarship at QEH School, Bristol.

Growing up in Bishopsworth he had school friends from the south Bristol estates of Hartcliffe and Withywood who won places at QEH on their merit.  John saw how this opportunity gave them all a chance to progress, and an education they wouldn’t have otherwise had.

John has known of Quartet through much of its 30 year history: “I was interested primarily in the local nature of Quartet and the community aspect. My upbringing in Bishopsworth gave me an awareness of the deprivation in south Bristol which was close to where I lived.”

-John Hollingdale fund holder

John thinks that many people are unaware of the deprivation on their own doorstep, and of Quartet’s contribution to supporting local projects.

“We created a community fund because I sold my investment in my company and was in the position to help my local community and attract matched funds to create a £100k endowment” says John, “this I see as a permanent fund which my family will continue to operate in the future. I also created a general charitable fund to make a regular monthly contribution from income and to be able to support causes whenever we find them.”

Quartet acts as a one-stop shop for all John’s giving.  John knows where he wants the donations from the charitable fund to go, which Quartet distribute on his behalf.  Whereas with his endowment fund he turns to Quartet’s knowledge and brokerage to identify organisations in need of support. Quartet recently linked John with Buzz Lockleaze, which led to John supporting them when they hit a financial crisis.  John’s grant meant the group could continue to offer their health focused work which includes a community cafe, veg growing and community outreach.

““It is very rewarding to see the beginnings of the regeneration of life in the square at Lockleaze.  There is such a demand for charitable giving from so many well publicised causes, we overlook the needs of our community and this is I think helping life two miles from where I live.”

-John Hollingdale fund holder

“The grant gave us the breathing space to move on and get other funding in.  If we hadn’t had that grant, it would have meant redundancies and shutting our doors.  John really is a friend to Buzz Lockleaze and David, Roisin and all the team are extremely grateful for his support” says Sally Gapper, CEO North Bristol Advice Centre.

With the help of supporters like John, Quartet will help many thousands of people living in the West of England – over the next thirty years, and far, far into the future.

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