Norman Biddle what Quartet do is good news

“I first become involved with Quartet when the late Penny Johnstone visited me and told me about the Greater Bristol Foundation (as it was then).

“It was a no-brainer for us to give support and set up a fund, as I had always been interested in helping young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. The focus for our fund has always been to provide positive opportunities for young people during the school holidays and support the High Sheriff of Bristol’s work in this area. We have been doing this now for 21 years!

“I have also served as a Quartet trustee – I think more people need to know how cost-effective the organisation is in manging funds, raising new endowment and making hundreds of grants a year. What you do is good news!”

“I don’t like administration, so holding a fund with Quartet is much easier than receiving and dealing with lots of individual requests. It’s great being a Quartet fund holder!

-Norman Biddle Fund holder

“Over time I aim to increase the size of our fund and I hope our children and grandchildren in their turn continue this support into the future.”

For Amanda, Norman’s daughter, this has been a great opportunity to visit one of the projects supported by the fund to talk both to the people running it and the young people benefitting from it.

“I am delighted to be able to become more involved with The Chantry fund at Quartet. Like my father, I have a firm interest in supporting local, young people. It was a privilege to visit Felix Road Adventure Playground and understand the amazing work that is going on there, with children and young adults."

-Amanda Norman's daughter

“I wouldn’t have had this opportunity or known about the charity without Quartet.  We hope, as a family we can continue supporting The Chantry fund in the future and maintain the provision my father began” says Amanda.

“I am now involving two of my children, Amanda and Matthew, in the fund and together we are seeing at first-hand the fantastic work that gets supported from it.”

-Norman Biddle Fund holder

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