Feeding growing families

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"It was really, really helpful.  It really did help as we were really struggling that month."

-mum of anonymous Yate family  

How does the Home-Start food delivery help local families?

  • A mum of a family in Knowle, Bristol, explains:

“The fresh food delivery was really helpful to us. We made casseroles and pasta bakes mostly, things my child can eat easily.  With the apples and other fruit, we made apple crumbles.  We got some very large potatoes, and they made the best mash; it was amazing.  Really helped us adapt to eating better meals during lockdown (as opposed to the easy cheap low quality meals we had started eating because we thought lockdown would be a short thing).  Really, really helpful for us, we have been able to buy things easier now.  Thank you for sending us the delivery.”

  • A mum from Yate put the food to good use

“We had mince- I made lasagne out of that as I had the lasagne sheets already. The sausages we had with mash. And the children actually like sausages- which I hadn’t tried them with before.  I cooked all of them and they had the next day as well as they were really filling and tasty. I made cauliflower cheese as well. We had broccoli- which we had with a roast. It was really, really helpful.  It really did help as we were really struggling that month.

“The plants are doing all right. The garden is brightening up.  I love doing the garden. My son liked planting them as well.”

Both these families benefited from the Fresh food project run by Home-Start Bristol.

£1,000 grant to Home-Start Bristol supports food delivery service

We awarded Home-Start Bristol a £1,000 Express Grant through the Wesleyan Foundation in November 2020. They requested support to provide disadvantaged families with fresh food, recipes, information and support which will encourage healthy eating.

They intend to spend the money on boxes of fresh food which they will deliver to 15 families with at least one child under 5. These will be disadvantaged families, living in areas of above average deprivation, who are already receiving their support because of the issues they face.

They plan to make a first round of deliveries in the lead-up to Christmas, sourcing food from the local farm shop, Trent’s Food and Beverage Hall. Another round of deliveries will take place in February 2021.