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Local collaboration and partnership

Collaboration is the key to achieving long term, sustainable change in our region.

We cannot even begin to address some of the entrenched issues in our area unless we work collaboratively. Different organisations hold different pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that, slotted together, mean we can make real change happen in the West of England.  

Meeting the vital needs of our communities

We all want to see an effective, joined up and well-resourced voluntary sector that addresses the vital needs and aspirations of our local communities. So, if we’re going to really make this happen, then collaboration and partnership is key.

Partner with us

Quartet works with a huge range of local civil society organisations and individuals, bringing with us the knowledge, networks, research and experience we’ve built up over 35 years. Our independence, long history and our permanent endowment model give us the ability to contribute a long-term perspective on how to make positive change happen in our region.

“Quartet is a leader in developing structures that support the voluntary sector to use their community knowledge to good effect.”

First Steps (Bath)

Ask us about:

  • How to make best use of charitable funding for the greatest possible impact in the West of England.
  • Our knowledge and experience of local networks, needs and aspirations.
  • What we’ve learned from our research.

Get in touch

Over the years we’ve been involved in all sorts of initiatives, and we are ready to make a contribution to many more.

If you’re looking for a partner, we’d love to see if we can help.

Get in touch with Ronnie Brown or call Ronnie on 0117 9897705.

Examples of initiatives we’ve been involved in, include:


  • Bristol City Funds
  • One City Boards
  • National EDI Coalition
  • Bristol Funders Group
  • North Somerset Partnership
  • B&NES 3SG Senior Leaders Network
  • Bristol Older Peoples Funding Alliance

“Quartet are community leaders, a real asset to charities in the West of England, with an important role in supporting new, innovative projects like this.”

Caring in Bristol

Example initiatives:

“The work Quartet is doing to build collaborative partnership between smaller agencies is refreshing, practical and a sensible way forward to ensure maximum value for funds allocated.”

Nadinne Dyen – Managing Director, NAOS

Collaborative research:

Quartet has always felt like more than a funder and more like a partner. As a Trust we feel able to come to you with ideas and for to act as a sounding board as we know you will suggest other funders or partners who may collaborate on pieces of work, even if it is not within your scope. We appreciate your strategic leadership role in the city.”

Southmead Development Trust

If you’d like to discuss a potential project or partnership for the West of England, please get in touch with Ronnie Brown call Ronnie on 0117 9897705.

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