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middle-aged white man - Peros bridge bristolEd Corrigan founder of Corrigan Associates and Quartet fundholder

Edward Corrigan

“I had been aware of Quartet for some time, but remember coming to an Annual Celebration to find out a bit more about the organisation. It seemed like a good thing to do, to link businesses with volunteer organisations”, says Edward.

“On my first trip to the annual celebration we heard about the Lockleaze community project. It was clear to me that much of their activities were supported by volunteers and they only needed a very modest level of funding in order to keep the project going. It struck me how a little bit of funding goes a long way when it goes into a small organisation like that. The reverse of that is a little bit of money to a large national organisation can be a drop in the ocean” says Edward.

Edward has been an accountant for 30 years and runs a practice which he set up, Corrigan Associates. Edward’s own firm set up a fund a few years ago, and they’re working towards making it a named fund. Edward encourages the staff to get involved with local charities, and several of them serve as school governors.

““Most of our work is in this region so I like to support charities and good causes that are based here too.”

Edward Corrigan, Fundholder

“A few years ago my daughter and I cycled independently from Bristol to Paris so we took the opportunity to raise money for Quartet. It actually inspired me to do some other long distance cycles with a group of friends each summer. We’ve completed a few rides including the coast to coast route from Whitehaven to Sunderland and more recently part of the French section of a route called the Velo 1 from Roscoff across Brittany. We’re planning to do the rest of the route down the West Coast of France next year.”

Edward has served as a charity trustee for a residential care home charity, Thomas More Project and also for St James Priory who provide sheltered housing for people in recovery.

Edward values Quartet’s work so tries to encourage other people to get involved “Through my work running an accountancy practice the topic of charitable giving comes up from time to time with clients and it’s useful to be able to make people aware of the benefits of giving through Quartet, either through setting up a fund, or just ad hoc support for projects whose cause resonates with those people. For some businesses the idea of setting up a legacy is quite attractive.

“I can think of at least one client where I sowed a seed which encouraged them to find out more and they ended up setting up a fund like us.”

Ten years on from that first visit to the Annual Celebration Edward is now a fund holder, and a professional adviser referring clients to Quartet to help with their charitable giving.

“I’d advise clients that giving through Quartet is a direct route to fund grass roots organisations and you can target your giving – ie to young people, older people, and fund organisations that fit with your desired target groups.”

Edward Corrigan, Fundholder

“I hosted a lunch for professional advisers which led to one direct contact so it shows the power of the network that we are part of. I advise clients to work with Quartet because it connects businesses directly with grass roots organisations that make a difference locally and it’s invigorating for businesses to feel part of that process”.  Coming from a professional adviser it’s a powerful validation of Quartet.


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