Charitable Trusts

Support for charitable trusts

Many charitable trusts face an uncertain future as they consider succession planning for their trustees. By transferring a charitable trust into Quartet Community Foundation you can be sure that the original giving purpose of the trust will be maintained and adapted to changing need. In addition all the administration will be managed by us allowing remaining family and trustees to continue their involvement in decision making in whatever way they wish.


We are delighted to the see that the funds are being applied according to the original aims of the Trust - helping vulnerable older people is exactly what the Trust was set up to do.

-Andrew Wilson Trustee, Biddle Trust


Creating a named fund:

Our named funds offer all the flexibility and control of your own charitable trust without the administrative burden that running such a trust involves. In addition you have access to expert advice and support from us to help you develop your giving strategy.

Permanent fund

This is a permanent, capital fund set up with a minimum pledge of £25,000. The capital is invested and the income used to make grants year after year. The very nature of endowment means this type of fund will go on helping your local community in perpetuity. It’s like having your own charitable trust, but we undertake all the investment and administration – yet you still choose which causes you wish to support.

  • Minimum donation of £25,000

To discuss the options open to you, please contact or phone 0117 989 7705.

Flow through fund

If you want to see your charitable giving being put to immediate use in the community and are able to give £10,000 or more per annum, then a named revenue fund is the best option for you. Your donation will be used to address priority needs with you choosing which causes you wish to support.

  • Minimum donation of £10,000

To discuss the options open to you, please contact or phone 0117 989 7705.

To discuss your options call Ronnie Brown, Philanthropy Director, on 0117 989 7705 or email: