Individuals and families

Supporting local charities and organisation is what we know many people want to do because they care about the community they live in. We provide philanthropy advice by sharing our knowledge about local needs and organisations to help identify and support the causes that matter. This does not have to mean setting up a whole new charitable trust and the range of fund types at Quartet gives flexibility for people to try out different ways of giving.  

Creating a named fund

Our named funds offer all the flexibility and control of your own charitable trust without the administrative burden that running such a trust involves. In addition you have access to expert advice and support from us to help you develop your giving strategy.

Permanent fund

This is a permanent, capital fund set up with a minimum pledge of £25,000. The capital is invested and the income used to make grants year after year. The very nature of endowment means this type of fund will go on helping your local community in perpetuity. It’s like having your own charitable trust, but we undertake all the investment and administration – yet you still choose which causes you wish to support.

  • Minimum donation of £25,000

To discuss the options open to you, please contact or phone 0117 989 7705.

Flow through fund

If you want to see your charitable giving being put to immediate use in the community and are able to give £10,000 or more per annum, then a named revenue fund is the best option for you. Your donation will be used to address priority needs with you choosing which causes you wish to support.

  • Minimum donation of £10,000

To discuss the options open to you, please contact or phone 0117 989 7705.

You can also leave a legacy in your will to create or add to your fund.

Leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy to us is one way of helping people in your own community for generations to come. It is a way of creating something of real and lasting value to local people. All legacy gifts are invested and only the income is used year after year. Your gift will, therefore, keep on giving as it remains as a permanent fund through us. Legacy gifts of up to £25,000 are pooled with other donations into our general permanent fund. This fund is invested and the income generated is used to benefit a broad range of causes. We accept gifts of property, cash, shares and other investments. A legacy of £25,000 or more can be used to set up a Named Permanent Fund – a way of associating your name with the local community forever. Your fund will be invested, and the income used every year according to your wishes. Gifts of this size could also be used to set up a Memorial Fund as a permanent tribute to a departed relative, friend or colleague. Legacy gifts are exempt from inheritance tax and could reduce the total amount of tax paid on your estate.

Why your legacy will help

Each year we make hundreds of grants to small charities and voluntary groups in this area, but there are always many, many worthwhile applications that we  turn down through lack of funds. A legacy, of whatever size, would enable us to help more charities and voluntary groups to do what they do so well – to tackle local problems and care for local people in need.

Your generosity could help us fund projects like these:

  • A lunch club which helps to combat loneliness and isolation amongst older people
  • A programme of social activities for people with learning difficulties
  • A community bus service benefiting pensioners and other people on low-incomes

What you should do next

For more information, read our legacy information pack. If you’d like to discuss how your legacy gift could be used,  please contact or phone 0117 989 7705. If you don’t have a will, or want to make amendments to an existing will, we recommend you consult your solicitor.

The team at Quartet always works closely with us to ensure that our wishes are being met.

-Jane Fund holder

With Quartet’s expertise and knowledge of local needs I can be confident that my funds are being well used.

-Mark Fund holder