Global day shines a light on gender inequality

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Person demonstrates a posture at an International Women's Day event in Bristol
People will join together to mark International Women's Day at City Hall, Bristol on Saturday 5 March. Thanks to for the image

Covid has exacerbated already existing inequalities

The Women and Equalities Committee recently warned of the risks of ‘turning the clock back on gender equality’ by overlooking the labour market and caring inequalities faced by women during the pandemic. 

It’s clear Covid has exacerbated other issues that disproportionately affect women too, like domestic violence and abuse.

Given these growing inequalities, women and girls are a priority group within our Covid Recovery Proposal. 

Local philanthropy making a difference

The grants we make – including those that help women back to work and support women survivors of sexual violence – are only possible thanks to our generous fund holders. Later this month our fund holders are invited along to a special Behind the Scenes event, to meet on screen some of the local women making a difference. 

If you’re inspired to mark the big day, why not join Bristol Women’s Voice at City Hall on Saturday 5 March for a free to attend day of workshops and activities? 

Whatever you do on Saturday, we want to say thank you to all our supporters for working with us to help challenge the many inequalities women and girls still face in the home, workplace and in public places. #BreakTheBias