Quartet supports residents’ work to clear drugs dens and fly tipping from estate

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Inns Court Residents Group will make good use of a recent Express Grant of £2,500 to improve their area. The group look after green spaces in Inns Court, the housing estate nestling between Knowle West and Hartcliffe Way in Bristol. The funding will help them pay for equipment and other costs as they clear two overgrown areas on the estate that are being used as drug dens and which attract fly tipping.

The local residents group meet once a month to deal with issues on the estate and hold regular Cut Down and Clean Up events. They don’t currently get funding for any projects they are doing and everything is done on a voluntary basis. Once the area is cleared they will plant new trees, put in wild flower beds, foxes dens, bug houses and other things to encourage the wildlife in the area.

Residents on the estate have complained about the two areas they’re cleaning up thanks to support from Quartet Community Foundation. As both areas are overgrown and used for fly tipping they are becoming dangerous, blocking views of the road for both drivers and pedestrians and people are nervous about walking past the overgrown area, especially at night. As these areas are used as dumping grounds this is also attracting rats to a residential area near a childrens play area.

The group work closely with residents, the local council and local companies to look after the estate and show people how good the area can look.

Heather Pickford, Secretary of Inns Court Residents Group said: “My family have been living in this area since 1973 so I’ve been coming here since the early 70s when the estate was built. I would like it to look how it did when I was a youngster, it wasn’t so overgrown and the kids used to play in the trees and on the green spaces, have picnics and everything. I want them to have a safe space, a clean space, to enjoy.

“Once we open it back up and put the flowers in, with help from the council we hope to put a flower walkway from Creswicke Road all the way to Imperial Park, people get lost at the moment but once it’s done the directions will be ‘follow the flower path’ to get to Imperial Park shopping centre.”